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Ecommerce Enlightenment

Save £1000s and reduce stress by tackling your ecommerce project in the right way.

Business to consumer ecommerce was worth £137bn in the UK in 2017, up 16% from 2016 figures and driven by mobile phone usage. This growing way of selling to both consumers (and also businesses) can be a powerful way to start or grow your business.

There are a lot of factors to take into account, however, and mistakes can be expensive. We’ve been building ecommerce websites for over ten years and have seen clients succeed and fail. We started to see a pattern in who succeeded and who didn’t make it, so have collected all these findings into this guide to help you succeed.

Who Is This Book For?

If you’re thinking of setting up an ecommerce website, this book is for you. It takes you through a high level overview of what you’ll need to think about to make your site a success, without getting bogged down in details. Resources with more detail for each section are given throughout the text.

I can’t overstate how helpful this book has been to our business. We wanted to expand into online selling but had absolutely no idea where to start. Ecommerce Enlightenment has held our hand from beginning to end, with brilliant insider tips along the way, and has been an invaluable step-by-step guide. I have now recommended Ecommerce Enlightenment to my sister-in-law as she looks to move into an online shop. Thank you so much.
Lucy, Nottingham

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